Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcome to Davis Orthodontics's first blog post.  This is a new thing for me and we will have to see how well it goes.  This summer is running by fast. We have done so much this summer for our practice and patients that it all is starting to run together.  I have to thank everyone on the participation of our summer contest - the "You Brushed Where?" picture contest.  To be honest, we all were a little worried at the beginning of the summer when there were no pictures sent.  But you guys went full steam ahead in July and we have got some remarkable pictures.  The best is that it gives us an insight into your private lives and lets us know what things you enjoy (other than coming to visit us). It is going to be hard to decide on who wins. 

I have been hard at work in my "extra" time (haha) perfecting a new website, which I guess that most of you found this blog through the new site.  I am very proud of this site and hope that you all will find very useful and fun information on it.  Along with that we are starting our patient reward program, called Patient Hub.  You will be able to earn points everytime you come into the office to redeem for iTunes cards, Best Buy cards, Amazon card, Target cards, etc.  There are so many choices to name.  I hope that you get excited as well all are when this program starts. 

Well I'm gonna post this to see if it works.  Check back for more information.