Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Educating Future Dental Professionals!

Did you know that in addition to being the best orthodontist in town, Dr. Davis is also very hands-on with educating future orthodontists, dental assistants, and hygienists! Our team at Davis Orthodontics can often be found demonstrating techniques and procedures to students that spend time “shadowing” Dr. Davis and his staff. This year alone, we have hosted four students from various schools in our area.This provides them with the opportunity to learn more about the field of orthodontics and what goes on in an orthodontic practice.

Several weeks ago a pre-med student from the University of South Carolina came and spent three days with us. During her time with us Amanda was able to watch Dr. Davis interact with patients and actually see the process of braces being put on their teeth.

Then, Benjamin Smith spent the day with Dr. Davis. Benjamin is a student at Northside Middle School who was taking part in his school’s Job Shadow day. On Job Shadow days students are excused from their normal class schedule to spend one full day investigating a career they may be interested in pursuing in the future! Being one of our current patients, Benjamin was able to experience a visit to the orthodontist from the perspective of the doctor and his assistants. He watched closely as the assistants did things like changing and adjusting wires, and changing “o-ties” (the colored bands on braces).

Another student that we've recently had the pleasure of spending time with is Summer Rogers. Summer, a truly dedicated student from Pleasant Hill Middle School, spent a day on her Spring break shadowing Dr. Davis. Summer is very interested in orthodontics and the possibility of following that career path one day. Like Benjamin, Summer is one of our current patients, and during her visit was able to see up-close procedures that she previously experienced as a patient. 

Dr. Davis with Summer

Currently, we are excited to be working with Katie Anderson, a student from Fortis College! Katie has been working in our office for several weeks completing the “clinical” portion of her program. Working in an office is an essential part of dental and orthodontic education because Katie is getting the experience she will need when she begins her career as a certified dental assistant after completing her program in just a few short weeks!

Dr. Davis with Katie

We enjoy every time we get the chance to help educate students about orthodontics and help them determine if this is the career they want for their future.

In addition to hosting students in our office, Dr. Davis personally works with several schools in the Midlands. He can often be found speaking at career days in Lexington 2 Middle schools and Clark Middle School in Orangeburg, as well as talking about Dental Hygiene at Elementary schools such as East Point Academy in West Columbia, and Meadow Glen Elementary in Lexington. Also, once a year he is the guest lecturer at Midlands Technical College during their orthodontic laboratory course. 

Leading a Career Course at Clark Middle School

Midlands Technical College

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